Bree Anne Sutherland Scholarship Recipient Reflects on Year of Education

The scholarship grants a young professional unlimited access to Association Forum’s education offerings for one year.

By the FORUM Magazine editors

Sutherland Scholarship

The Bree Anne Sutherland Scholarship grants a young professional (30 years of age or under) unlimited access to Association Forum’s education offerings for one year. The scholarship includes education fees and travel expenses. Last year’s recipient was Bria Douglas, membership and operations coordinator for the American Academy of Prosthodontics. Douglas reflects on her experience below:

Which program was your favorite?

Definitely the Association Management Essentials course.

In a year like no other, how did Forum’s education and this scholarship help you professionally?

There were several webinars hosted about COVID-19 as it pertained to associations. There was one in particular regarding the membership dues cycle during COVID that I thought was especially helpful.

Given your year of immersive education, where do you see yourself going from here (in your career, your volunteerism, participation in Forum events, etc.)?

I would definitely like to volunteer more. I briefly participated in the Welcoming Environment® committee, but due to other commitments and time restraints, I wasn’t able to continue. Volunteering is definitely something I look forward to doing again at some point.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday? (Your answer can include pre-pandemic activities!)

Sunday is the day when I do absolutely nothing. I just lounge around all day.

Written by FORUM Magazine editors.

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