LinkedIn Visibility Maximizer Checklist

Is your social presence deterring your professional mission?

By Christian Moritz

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Complete profiles, known as All-Star, are 27 times more likely to be found in recruiter searches and 3 times more likely to appear in other LinkedIn searches. To obtain All-Star status, a profile should include industry, education, location, current position, a profile photo, five key skills, a complete summary and a compelling headline.

Have you:
  • Added a profile photo – You’ll receive 21 times more profile views. Make sure you photo is recent, reflects your current appearance, and is a high-resolution professional headshot. Reserve the selfies for another time!
  • Included your name and location – Consistency is key. Your LinkedIn name should match the name on your resume and business cards and email. If you have a graduate degree or professional certification(s), this is also the place to add them.
  • Update your headline – Your profile headline will default to your current job title, but to broaden your scope of reach update this area with hard skill keywords instead, i.e. ‘Proven Nonprofit Development Director: Fundraising, Major Gifts, Grants, Charities, Communications’
  • Completed your summary – This is the place for your elevator pitch. Allocate Linkedin’s allotted 2,000 characters to a brief biography, quantifiable accomplishments (think dollars and percentages here), and additional hard skill keywords.
  • Updated your experience – Include your current position, past relevant positions and job scope and key accomplishments for each.
  • Displayed your education – You’ll obtain 10 times more profile views by adding your education.
  • Added media – Think about how you like to learn. Many of us better absorb information through visuals, and this also applies to your LinkedIn profile. Add files or links to websites, photos, videos and presentations that illustrate your achievements and tell the brand story of ‘you.’
  • Listed your skills – You can add up to 50 hard skill keywords relevant to your experience, goals, function and industry. Use the pre-populated skill name whenever possible to enhance profile views of those searching for a skill area.
  • Included your volunteer experience – Here’s a great place to display your Association Forum volunteer roles or other volunteer efforts. Some recruiters consider pertinent, unpaid experience as equivalent to paid.
  • Gotten active – The more you engage, the more you get back. Login, post, comment and message regularly.

About the Author

Checklist written by Christian Moritz and provided with permission of Klaxos, with minor additions by Amy Thomasson.

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