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Association Forum’s Professional Practice Statement offers guidance on tech plans

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Is your association’s technology strategy part of your all-encompassing strategic plan? If you need some guidance on developing or modernizing your tech plan, Association Forum has just updated “Strategic Technology Planning for Associations,” one of many Professional Practice Statements available online at The statement offers members direction every step of the digital way, from guidelines on needs assessment, budgeting and project management, to implementation and evaluation. Here is an excerpt from the statement:

71% OF PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION MEMBERS say they worry about data privacy and security, but it does not prevent most of them from sharing information if they feel it is secure and/or for their benefit.
Source: Community Brands, “The Digital Evolution Study

“A successful IT strategy is one that furthers the organization’s mission by supporting the overall goals of every functional area to best serve members. The process of developing the strategy should begin with a clear view of the organization’s overall strategy and business goals, and it should include collaboration and communication with stakeholders at every level. These overall goals should be translated into goals for the IT department, which then form the basis for the IT strategy. Finally, the supporting IT processes must be carefully planned to translate the IT strategy into action.”

Start Strategizing. Read the full statement here.

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