How do you unwind after a long day?

By the FORUM magazine editors

FRM NovDec WorkLife

“Ever since the pandemic started and Choose Chicago offices have been remote, I have spent some portion of my day dedicated to fitness. Working out and breaking a sweat on a daily basis has really allowed me to clear my mind from the anxiety or stress I may be feeling. I am so thankful for my new fitness routine. It has helped me thrive in this new normal.”

– Marc Anderson, chief operating officer, Choose Chicago

Michelle Mills Clement

“It usually takes a lot for me to unwind since my mind gets pretty distracted, and I have a hard time turning off. Typically I’ll watch some reality TV like “Real Housewives,” “Love & Hip Hop” or a few episodes of whatever I’m binging on Netflix! Watching TV really is my way to relax and unplug. I also like to unwind by chatting with my girlfriends in GroupMe and laughing at the latest meme or Instagram video someone found and cracking a series of never-ending jokes. It’s amazing how much we stay connected through a messenger app! Because my mind has been so distracted these days, I’ve been adding in other rituals to unwind such as taking long, hot bubble baths (I still watch Netflix at the same time!) and meditating outside if the weather isn’t bad. The fresh air and sound of downtown Chicago really take my meditation practice to a different level that I’m learning to love.”

– Michelle Mills Clement, FASAE, CAE, RCE, chief executive officer, Chicago Association of REALTORS®

Dawn Amaskane

“After a long day, I unwind by listening to my favorite music playlist, stepping outside for fresh air and going for a walk. A change in atmosphere and movement helps me decompress, clear my mind and re-energize.”

– Dawn Amaskane, CMP, associate vice president, administrative affairs, American Osteopathic Association

Bridget Terrones

“Every day is different and brings about different challenges and emotions to face, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to unwind — you have to find what works best for you and allows you to process the day and everything that happened during it. I like to go for a run, listen to music, cook dinner and eat with my husband as we recap our days — and of course, when needed, the occasional glass of wine, especially during the summer, when I can sit outside and enjoy it in peace on my patio.”

– Bridget Terrones, senior manager, integrated marketing, Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

Jay Gilbert


“Baking has always been my outlet to unwind. As a food scientist-turned-association professional, there’s nothing more relaxing than getting back to my passion of combining science and food, especially to make cheesecake. My only advice is to bake them in personal pans so they cool faster in the freezer!”

– Jay Gilbert, PhD, director, scientific programs and career pathways, Institute of Food Technologists

Written by FORUM Magazine editors.

Written by the FORUM Magazine editors.

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