Work/Life: What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

By FORUM Magazine editors

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“I am looking forward, first and foremost, to a return to some level of normalcy. In addition to that, I look forward to some face-to-face meetings where I have an opportunity to network with my peers and friends who I have not seen in person for more than a year. I am hopeful that opportunities for professional development will increase and that I will be able to get out and enjoy myself on a personal level without so much fear and anxiety. I am also looking forward to family gatherings for the holidays and in-person all-staff meetings as well — I must admit that I miss those. To summarize, I am looking forward to hope and optimism.”

— Lannisa James, MBA, MHRM, certification operations and LMS support manager, customer relations, American Health Information Management Association

“I am very optimistic and hopeful that in 2022 we can start traveling more — both for pleasure and business. Catching up with friends, family and volunteers in person is going to be such an incredible feeling. I’m looking forward to watching my son, Miles, continue to grow up! He’ll be turning 3 in July, and I’m incredibly curious to see how his personality (and mischief) grows.”

— Joe Lindahl, MA, CAE, account executive, Association Management Center

“I am looking forward to having more in-person networking events where people are able to safely gather indoors on a regular basis. On a personal level, I’m also looking forward to taking the big overseas family trip we put on hold in 2020 and being able to attend more baseball games surrounded by lots of fans.”

— Norma G. Castrejon, CAE, senior technology consultant, DelCor

“I absolutely love Chicago. It’s a city I chose to live in after spending a lifetime in New York City, and it’s the city where I married the love of my life. I’m most looking forward to spending more time in the city, more time connecting with my awesome staff and more face time with our association members.”

— Scott Y. Stuart, Esq., CEO, Turnaround Management Association


“I am looking forward to a full return to in-person live events, as event organizers and attendees crave face-to-face connection. I am also very curious and excited to see how event organizers are leveraging all the new event data they’ve been presented with the last two years. Lastly, I am most excited for seeing how the meeting professional role changes even more — we’re wearing more hats than ever, and I’m excited for a larger seat at the organizational table.”

— Emily Thompson, CMP, DES, meetings and events planner, American Epilepsy Society

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