CEOs: What are your top 2-3 priorities for 2023?

We asked four CEOs their priorities for the coming year. Read what they said.

By George Miller, M.S., CAE

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Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions, we all have an agenda for 2023. Before the ball dropped over Time Square, I asked four Chicagoland CEOs to answer a single question: What are your top 2-3 priorities for 2023?

Based on how quickly and succinctly each of them responded, it’s clear they are ready to tackle the year ahead. 

Here’s what they shared:

Bruce Hammond, CAE

“Professionally, top priorities include successfully launching our new strategic plan to our members, diversifying our revenue streams, identifying and stewarding our organization’s next leaders, and effectively supporting our staff in their work.  Personally, I’d like to prioritize spending more time volunteering and giving back in my community, while also taking advantage of opportunities to rest and recharge with my family throughout the year.”

Bruce Hammond, CAE
Executive Director,  American College of Academic Addiction Medicine (ACAAM), American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM), and Hospice Medical Director Certification Board (HMDCB)

Diane Weber, RN, MHA

“Member engagement, conference revitalization, and collaborative content partnerships are our primary areas of focus.”  

Diane Weber, RN, MHA
Executive Director, Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development 

Jose Segarra, MNA, CAE, CNP

“I will be focusing on revamping our benchmarking program and increasing the value proposition to our members and sponsors.” 

Jose Segarra, MNA, CAE, CNP
Executive Director, Bostrom

Vicki Loise, CMP, CAE

“We have a strategic plan that runs through 2026 and we do have some actions in that plan that we will work on or continue work in 2023. From a broader perspective, we’re using 2023 to do some big, visionary planning. We’re going to map out a few initiatives that would be transformational for SLAS and our community.”

Vicki Loise, CMP, CAE
CEO, Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening 


About the Author

George Miller, M.S., CAE is a senior consultant at McKinley Advisors and chair of Forum's Content Working Group.

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