Work/Life: What Tech Gadget or Software Makes Your Life Easier?

Whether at work or home, tech can make life just a little easier. Here’s what association executives couldn’t live without!

By Lidia Varesco Racoma

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to work remotely and embrace technology in a new way. We asked association executives which tech makes their lives easier on a daily basis. Read their answers below!

“I use an erasable Rocketbook notebook. I can scan pages via the app to OneNote and it converts handwritten notes to text. It includes an image of my notes if the OCR conversion isn’t totally accurate.”

-Linda G. Brady, CAE, Executive Director, Texas Dental Association

“Working remotely since early 2020 has brought many challenges for our small (but mighty) team here at ADAA.  Zoom has allowed us to work “face to face” for the past two years and helped us all stay connected and engaged. On a personal note, as someone who experienced a bad fall this summer and lost mobility in my “writing” hand, I am beyond grateful for voice dictation software!”

-Lise Bram, Deputy Executive Director, Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA)


“We use Smartsheet for project planning, workflow, and collaboration with internal and external people who need access to the project.”

-Donna Jarvis-Miller, Director, Membership and Events, American Public Human Services Association (APHSA)

“My company started using Slack post-pandemic, when we were no longer in the office. It has replaced the need to make so many phone calls that can be disruptive to a person’s day. I can ignore Slack until I have time to be responsive. Another way in which it is better than the phone!”

-Bonnie Massa, Massa & Company, President

“This is likely a completely unoriginal response, but how would any of us have survived the last two years in our home offices without the help of video teleconferencing/meeting software? Not being able to interact visually with other human beings would have irreparably ruined both my mind and spirit these last two years. It’s not just that they made working from home easier…these technologies made it completely possible for me, a people person, to work remotely without losing my mind.”

-Kristin Reynolds, Vice President, Brand Strategy & Creative, American Medical Association

“The ToDo app! My husband and I use it to share lists: grocery list, task list, gift lists, etc.”

-Jennifer Williamson, Vice President, Workforce & Member Engagement, Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce


About the Author

Lidia is an art director and designer with over 20 years of experience and a passion for marketing. She started Lidia Varesco Design in 2000 to focus on clients who are making a difference—both locally and globally. She is also a member of Association Forum's Content Working Group.

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