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Chicago is a hub for healthcare associations and societies. Attend Healthcare Collaborative to gain insights unique to this field.

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Healthcare Collaborative

Chicago’s history with medial societies dates back to 1850 when Levi Boone and other physicians founded the Chicago Medical Society (CMS). The American Medical Association (AMA) has been headquartered in Chicago since 1902 according to the history website, Encyclopedia of Chicago. Association Forum has long sought to honor this history and cater to members who work for healthcare associations and societies. It’s estimated that more than 75 healthcare associations and societies call Chicago home. 

On Nov. 1, Association Forum will host our Healthcare Collaborative.  This half-day meeting will explore sustainability and leadership during uncertain times. There’s no question that healthcare has experienced unprecedented disruption since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, leaders in medicine and the professional associations and societies that support their professions are determined to push through. At Healthcare Collaborative, we’ve invited an impressive slate of speakers to help you lead in a world where competing pressure points each require attention. 

These speakers include Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, president-elect of the AMA. Dr. Ehrenfeld is a senior associate dean, a tenured professor of anesthesiology, and director of the “Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment” at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He was elected to the American Medical Association Board of Trustees in 2014. He divides his time among clinical practice, teaching, research and directing a $560-million statewide health philanthropy. He is also a combat veteran and has a long record of participation in medical societies. Read his full bio here.

Registration is now open for Healthcare Collaborative. You’ll receive three hours of education and networking with other association professionals from Chicago’s many healthcare organizations for just $99. Members pay just $75. 

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The mission of Association Forum is to advance the professional practice of association management. Founded in 1916, Association Forum serves 3,000 association professionals whose efforts serve more than 27 million members and generate $10 billion in global annual expenditures. Visit for more information.

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