20/20 Board Health Checkup

For organizations updating or reforming their governance models, there are many variables at play.

By The FORUM Magazine Editors

FRM 005 Pulse Checklist

For organizations updating or reforming their governance models, there are many variables at play. Need guidance? Look no further, as the Association Management Center provides a checklist to help navigate the process.

 Governance Area DescriptionYesNoRequires Action
1.Board Size and Makeup   
 Not too big, not too small, just right—balanced.   
 Crafted on the basis of needed competencies, focusing on the future and diversity/balance.   
2.Board Role   
 Respect for fiduciaries—care, loyalty, obedience.   
 Respect for conflicts (of interest).   
 Respect for the “non-official” fiduciaries of curiosity and foresight.   
3.Board/Staff Partnership   
 Appreciation for who is best equipped to do what.   
 Empowerment to get the right things done well.   
4.Trust and Respect Among Leaders   
 Less focus on former leaders.   
 More focus on future leaders.   
5.Civility in the Community   
 Maintain civility in community and the boardroom.   
6.Nimble and Focused Decision Making   
 Appropriate decision-making methodology and authority to anticipate changes in the
competitive environment.
7.Clarity on Priorities   
 Alignment on what we can do.   
 Alignment on when we can do it.   
 Alignment on the resources it takes to accomplish it.   
8.Committees/Work Teams that Contribute Meaningful Work   
 Pledge for clarity on what a work team should do.   
 Clarity on the authority to get the work done.   
 Resources to get the work done.   
 Nimble committee/work team structure to accomplish the work.   
9.“Think Big” Leads to Do Big   
 Appropriate level of risk-taking to think and do big.   
10.Strategy, Generative Discussions and More Strategy   
 First half of each board meeting focused on strategy and
generative discussion.
 First half of each board meeting has no reports, updates or operational issues.   
11.No Dysfunctional Harmony   
 High quality decisions.   
 Managed, thoughtful, respectful conflict.   
12.Culture, Candor and Curiosity   
 Mindful board culture of candor, curiosity, inquiry that builds trust.   
 Assumption of good intent in all volunteer and staff leaders.   


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