What’s one thing in your workspace that brings you happiness?

By the FORUM magazine editors

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“My 2-year-old twin daughters! Now that we are fully remote, I very much appreciate the giggles (although sometimes cries) that come from other areas of the house. While I am blessed that my husband is able to watch them while I work, I do love having lunch with them daily and checking in on them during those much-needed breaks! ENA has really worked hard to make sure all staff feel connected and supported, and I think they deserve a huge shoutout!”

– Jamie Garcia, meetings manager, Emergency Nurses Association

“Having the current issue of FORUM magazine close by… But seriously, being around my colleagues and knowing that they are enjoying their work and discovering new ways we can do better together.”

– Paul Pomerantz, chief executive officer, American Society of Anesthesiologists

“My workspace is now a nook in my living room, where the sun peeks through the windows brightest. I redesigned it to be an office space, plopping a plushy pillow here and work-style motivating quote there. Due to COVID-19, our staff has temporarily redefined a routine workday for the safety of our members and staff. Despite the transition to working from home, I enjoy the simplicity and comfort of these recent days. In some ways this shift, though triggered by something devastating, has allowed me to learn more about myself. Working on a project with my shoes off or preparing a report and reciting aloud while pacing back and forth with coffee in hand (not risking disturbing others) has been a booster of productivity in the most unexpected fashion.”

– Dianna Reeves, office manager, CFA  Society Chicago

“My little cat, Huey. My husband and I adopted him during quarantine after learning that a lot of cats were being relinquished. We don’t know his back story, but he charmed us so quickly — and bringing him back to our apartment opened up a spot at the shelter for another cat in search of a forever home.”

– Emily Besser, manager of advocacy and practice affairs, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association

“The stack of books that precariously props up my small monitor. Varied in topic and quality, the books are a constant reminder of thoughtful colleagues who gifted knowledge; countless hours spent connecting concepts to complex real-world situations; and the increasingly relevant idea that, often, the most important lessons can’t be gleaned from books at all.”

– Rich Rosfelder, vice president of strategic communications, CCIM Institute

Written by FORUM Magazine editors.


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