Work/Life: Game-Changing Technology

What recent tech purchase has changed your day-to-day life?

By Written by FORUM Magazine editors.

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SmartTech 2022 wrapped last week and we hosted a slate of talented speakers. These speakers are immersed in tech all day, so we wanted to know what recent tech purchases made a different in their lives. We asked:

Is there technology you’ve recently purchased that’s changed your day-to-day life? Tell us about it.

Read on for the answers! Did you miss SmartTech 2022? You can watch our TechTalks for free here


A piece of technology I recently purchased that has changed by day-to-day life is an e-bike. While I love to ride my regular bike, an electric bike becomes a viable daily transportation option. On a bike I feel better, reduce my carbon footprint and enjoy the fresh air.

I recently purchased a RocketBook for notetaking and have found it to be very useful. A Rocketbook is essentially a regular spiral notebook, but the pages can be erased like a whiteboard, so you are not generating reams of paper garbage from all of your meeting notes and To Do lists. The Rocketbook app makes it easy to upload notes into other applications where they can be organized, such as Evernote, OneNote, DropBox and Google Drive.

We recently went all-in with at Bostrom and found it to be a lifesaver for organizing teams, tasks, and metrics for each area of association work we support. Our client teams manage their weekly meetings as well as strategic approval workflows and having this accessible by staff and volunteers makes for incredibly enhanced communication in a time of heightened remote work.

I am excited about spring this year because I am starting to use a new fun technology called The Conqueror Virtual Challenges.  You go on a virtual tour of beautiful places all over the world as you track your miles walking, running, biking. When you reach your goal they send you a medal.  I’m doing the Amalfi coast in Italy with another speaker friend.  Check it out

There have been two recent technology purchases I made that really made an impact on my Work/Life balance. The first was the reMarkable 2 Tablet that has greatly improved how I take notes and document all my daily meetings. We are using a different part of our mind when we write down notes than when we type them into our computers.

The second great technology purchase I made was actually for my daughter and was the Oculus (Meta) Quest 2. VR has finally arrived and is available to the masses with new applications being released weekly.

I read many articles online, but sometimes it’s hard to discern or focus on the article content because of pop-ups and other page distractions. Problem solved with a new Google Chrome add-in I recently came across called “Mercury Reader.” It helps me turn any article into a clean and readable view with one click, removing the clutter and allowing me to zone in on the content I came to read. Game changer! 


Written by FORUM Magazine editors.

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