What’s the one app you can’t live without?

By The FORUM Magazine Editors

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Alpha BradyI would say my news apps—NBC News, CNN, ESPN, NBC Chicago. It is important for me to keep abreast of events, be the events international, national, state, local or all things sports. Being informed, even about those quirky stories that are sometimes included, makes for great conversation.

Alpha Brady, Senior Associate Executive Director and Chief Governance Officer, American Bar Association

Andrew LomoGoogle Maps is my favorite app. It’s easy to take it for granted, but it wasn’t too long ago that your best option was printing/writing directions before you traveled anywhere. Not only were you out of luck if you took a wrong turn, but you were limited as to your destination. Now, I can easily find whatever I need, wherever I am. It really makes traveling much less intimidating and helps find places (even locally) that I never would have heard of otherwise.

Andrew Lomo, Government Affairs Liaison,
Institute of Real Estate Management

Lynne Thomas GordonThe professional app I can’t live without is LinkedIn. It helps me stay in touch with colleagues and also keeps me up-to-date on association and other professional news. In my personal life, I can’t live without my news apps—I read the top news stories of the day every morning and before I go to bed.

Lynne Thomas Gordon, CAE, FACHE, FAHIMA, CEO, American Association of Orthodontists

Sydney EdmondWhen I first moved to Chicago in 2017, I quickly realized the city was difficult to navigate, particularly because of the “L” system and bus routes and learning how to get from one place to another was a challenge. Google Maps has helped me navigate the city much more easily by providing directions, street views and live traffic updates. This app has made living in a big city immensely easier.

Sydney Edmond, MHA, Project Manager, Executive Office,
American College of Healthcare Executives

Jay CariñoTED offers a variety of videos, presentations and learning opportunities (both personal and professional) that inspire, motivate, change and expand my knowledge and perspective on different topics. The sharing of practical advice, knowledge, wisdom and experiences encountered not only inspires me to be a better person, but also a better leader.

Jay Cariño, MBA, CAE, Vice President of Member Services, Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals

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