Ramping up Productivity in Busy and Distracting Times

5 tips to help you take control of your schedule and get the most out of each workday!

How to Use ChatGPT in Association Work

ChatGPT can be another tool for work efficiency, but there are precautions to take as well.

Association Forum Announces 2024 Honors Award Recipients

Association Forum is proud to announce the Honors Award recipients for our most prestigious awards—to be recognized at the Honors Gala.

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Read about one association’s efforts to pave the way for equity and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community in medicine.


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This evaluation process helps associations identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities inherent in an association’s structure, operations, and overall functioning.

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Stepping Up Your Style: Outfit Ideas and Inspiration for the Association Forum Foundation Honors Gala

Once again, this year’s Honors Gala is a sneaker ball! Read on for ideas and inspo on what to wear.


The Physics of Leadership

Developing mastery in the “art” of leadership turns out to be a full-time, career-long discipline in the art of discovery.


Professional Member Research: The Prequel for Strategic Planning

Professionally-executed member research can change the tone of a strategic planning session.


Closing the Gaps

Dr. Kathleen T. O’Loughlin spoke about the major gaps that exist between men and women in business and medical professions.


Leading by Example

FORUM spoke with Rita Cook about why support leads to success and how Bank of America gave her the opportunity to pay her success forward to future leaders.